Đề ôn thi học kì 1 lớp 7 môn Tiếng Anh mới nhất có đáp án và lời giải chi tiết | Trọng tâm ôn thi


Dưới đây là đề ôn tập thi Học kì 1 Tiếng Anh lớp 7 có đáp án sẽ giúp học sinh ôn tập lại kiến thức, từ đó đạt được điểm cao trong đề thi HK1 Tiếng Anh lớp 7 sắp tới.

Đề ôn thi học kì 1 Tiếng Anh 7

Đề bài

I. Pronunciation.

Identify the underlined letters that are pronounced differently from the others.


A. explored            

B. looked                   

C. played                    

D. travelled


A. sleeps                 

B. likes                       

C. works                     

D. plays


A. braver                

B. baker                      

C. skating                   

D. many

Identify the words whose main stresses are different from the others.


A. common            

B. awful                     

C. alive                       

D. boring


A. familiar              

B. terrible                   

C. exciting                  

D. uncommon


A. emoji                 

B. inventor                 

C. colorful                  

D. creative

II. Vocabulary and grammar.

Choose the best option to complete the following sentence.

7. The clothes______ expensive but comfortable.

A. was                        

B. were                       

C. be                           

D. being

8. William Wilberforce fought against _________ .

A. galaxy                    

B. slavery                   

C. victory                   

D. culture

9. The man  _______ a conversation on the phone now.

A. have                       

B. has                         

C. is having                

D. are having

10. He loves being ______ front of TV.        

A. in                           

B. to                           

C. from                       

D. up

11. My parents do not _______ phones at dinner time.

A. spend                     

B. give                        

C. allow

12. _______ does your family eat together? - Twice a week.

A. How long              

B. When                     

C. How often

13. Now let’s go out. How about ________ into town?                   

A. go                          

B. to go                      

C. going

14. She ________ online in the evenings.

A. do not go               

B. does not go            

C. are not going

15. My dad often have face-to-face  ______ with his friends.

A. conversations        

B. phones                   

C. landlines                

16. Welcome ________ the show, Doctor Baker. 

A. on                          

B. in                           

C. to                           

17. _________ your hardest homework earlier in the evening.

A. Make                     

B. Do                         

C. Take                       

18. Thank you. It’s great _______ there. Let’s start with tip one.

A. be                          

B. am                          

C. to be                       

19. Turn ________ your mobile when you go to bed.

A. on                          

B. up                          

C. off

20. Play music ________ you like. But turn the sound down low. That is very useful advice for our young listeners.

A. if                            

B. because                  

C. and                      

III. Reading

Read the text and choose the best answers to complete the blanks.

Last Saturday I went to a football match with friends. We travelled by bus and the journey (21) _________ two hours. (22) _________ the way to the stadium, there was a traffic jam. We arrived late, so we did not have time for lunch. We just ate two loaves of bread and drank some lemon juice.

After half an hour it started (23) _________. I did not have a coat so I got very wet. We still stayed there to clap for our team. However, our team did not play well. The lost 5-0. The other team played so (24) _________ with many good players.

After the match, we took some photos with our team. (25) _________ they lost the game, we all loved them so much. We had a chance to get together in a small restaurant near the stadium. We all talked a lot and enjoyed a good meal. Anyway, we had a great time together! I really enjoy the day with friends and my team!


A. take                 

B. takes                      

C. taking                    

D. took


A. In                     

B. On                         

C. At                          

D. Along


A. rain                  

B. rains                       

C. to rain                    

D. rained


A. well                 

B. good                      

C. better                     

D. best


A. Because           

B. Although               

C. As                          

D. After

Read the text and answer the questions.

I’m speaking emojis!

Sitting on the sofa, Anna is sending Lucy an instant message. But Anna isn’t using real words or writing real sentences. Like other young people, they’re communicating with small, colorful pictures – emojis.

You can find creative emoji T-shirts, posters, videos, stories and songs. Emojis are everywhere, but where are they from and why are they so popular? The emoji inventor, Shigetaka Kurita, is from Japan, and ‘emoji’ in Japanese means picture (e) and letter (moji). Now over thousand emojis with different skin colours show people and ideas from many cultures, not only Japan. They are becoming a truly international language.

Emojis and emoticons can show our feelings. When we aren’t speaking face-to-face, it’s important to see if a message is sad, silly, funny or happy. So emojis are useful, but they mostly add a bit of fun and colour to our lives. We really love them.

26. What is Anna doing?

A. writing an email                            

B. sending a message                         

C. talking on the phone

27. What are emojis?

A. short words                                   

B. short sentences                              

C. small, colorful pictures

28. Where can we find emojis?

A. everywhere                                    

B. only on clothes                              

C. in books

29. Where are emojis from?  

A. the U.S.A                                      

B. England                                         

C. Japan

30. Why are emojis so popular?

A. They are small and colourful.       

B. They can show our feelings.         

C. They are very creative.

IV. Listening

Listen to a photographer and choose the best option, A, B or C.

31. Where did Steve travel to when he took the photo?

A. Asia                                   

B. America                                         

C. Europe

32. What did he do before taking photos of some women?

A. He invited them to eat.      

B. He asked them for permission.      

C. He gave them some gifts.

33. According to Steve, taking photos of strangers without asking them is ________.

A. friendly                             

B. happy                                             

C. rude

34. Where was he sitting to take the photo?

A. On a boat                           

B. On a street                                     

C. In the park

35. What did he say about taking holiday photos?

A. Good fun                           

B. Boring                                           

C. Brave

V. Writing

Put the paragraphs in the suitable order.

A. After a few minutes, the horse started to eat some food.

B. As soon as possible, some rescuers came and helped the horse out of the river.

C. I took this interesting photo while I was staying with my aunt last April. It was an amazing rescue.

D. They were looking at something in the water. It was a horse. It wasn’t moving much, but it was alive. It was standing in the river and it couldn’t get out.

E. It happened when while we were visiting a small village. We were walking along near the river when we saw a group of people.

36. ______      37. ______      38. ______      39. ______      40. ______


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